The Duchy of Armus was founded about three hundred years ago when duke Armus and several of his nobles broke off from the kingdom of Largon. What started as a tax feud turned to a a royal removal of duke Armus and his supporters from their titles and lands. Duke Styles Armus and a few counts, lords and Baron Theril moved south down the Arcanus river. Baron Theril went on ahead to scout for a new place to claim for his duke. Where he landed looked like a good place for a city. After a quick ranging of the area he felt that being this close to the river just two tenday from Largon, was not the best idea. There was already a monestary of monks at the location that were eager to help them find another location. They traveled a days journey east and found a small river and lake with lots of orchards and fantastic Silverwood trees. The duke arrived with the rest of his people and were very pleased. They immediately started construction on Castle Armus and the village around it. Duke Styles Armus was so pleased with the area that he named the village after Baron Theril.

Duchy of Armus

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